what I did for summer vacation

by Keeprunningirl on 10/07/2014

I have been remiss in documenting my chronicles and adventures this summer. After returning from Colorado in June, we settled into enjoying the PNW summer. We spent some time at the beach, ran some trails, increased our mileage (I am making Mark train with me).   My sweet friend and her daughters came from Colorado and spent the first week of July with us.  I also had my dear beanie buddies come out  for a fitness retreat in Kingston, WA which was a bit fitness and a bit fun times at the Clearwater Creek Casino and I came home $100 or so dollars in the black!  And in a blink, we were back in Colorado.. taking Daniel to CSU and running the Santa Fe trail and Garden again with all of our friends.    Then,  summer started to give way to fall and the younger two started school: senior year and freshmen year.

Having the Nike Women’s Half Marathon on the radar for October, I started a simple, no pressure training plan mid-July.  Since I haven’t trained for anything seriously in over a year, I decided to just start from scratch and focus on building a base and enjoy the journey… which by the way, truly isn’t the same with out my pack of running girl friends.   Mark is running all my long runs with me which has been a nice break from the daily chaos of life and a good chance to just check out and talk about whatever our fatigued minds come up with – especially when we hit the last miles.  We both are finding ourselves wondering how we used to do this all the time!  It’s well past time to get our Colorado mojo back!

We have taken this opportunity to run many off road miles – we are trail runners after all :-)

a climb at Rattlesnake Ridge (named for it's terrain, not inhabitants.. or so I was told )

a climb at Rattlesnake Ridge (named for it’s terrain, not inhabitants.. or so I was told )

pretty views at the top, we kept going for a few more miles...

pretty views at the top, we kept going for a few more miles…

we have explored a few PNW trails...

we have explored a few PNW trails…

.. and we have a lot more to get to!

.. and we have a lot more to get to!

Of course we mix up our trail runs with our regular routes to , around and back from Greenlake.    In early July we had one of our oldest and dearest friends come from Colorado to visit us!  It was a great opportunity for us to visit some local sites that we might not normally hit.  We also spent sunny weekends at the beach.

view from the beach at Vashon Island in early July

view from the beach at Vashon Island in early July

days at the beach!

days at the beach!

an urban sunset

an urban sunset

At the end of July, two of the beanies came out for the Northwest Kingston Adventures Women’s Fitness Retreat.    We spent a day exploring all of the Seattle must do’s:  Pikes Market, the Space Needle,  Pioneer’s square and dinner by the water.   I had fun sharing a quick 3 miler around Greenlake with them – it felt good to show them where I have been running and it was so nice to be back with them – all of us in our Hoka’s.    For the retreat, we had chosen not to camp out but instead stay at a local hotel – ahem, resort and casino… these girls know how to do a fitness retreat!   It was the perfect girl’s weekend. I look forward to doing it again!

goofing around after an easy 3 miler around greenlake!

goofing around after an easy 3 miler around greenlake!

playing tourists with my tourists!  did you know King county residents get a discount to go to the top of the space needle?

playing tourists with my tourists! did you know King county residents get a discount to go to the top of the space needle?

trying SUP at the fitness retreat. It took a few minutes of Julie encouraging me for me to finally 'stand up'

trying SUP at the fitness retreat. It took a few minutes of Julie encouraging me for me to finally ‘stand up’

By the time my girlfriends left, it was August – the month that sort of signaled the end of summer back in Colorado since the kids started school earlier than they do here in Seattle.  In many ways I am still on Colorado time, and I also felt it was the end of the official summer even though we still had over a month to enjoy our time off .. before the kids started school, all of their activities and before I picked my chauffeuring duties back up.    August also meant it was time to drop off our first-born to his new school.

After a year at WSU, he decided that Colorado was a better fit and we spent a week in Colorado getting him settled and being hometown tourists again.    We have dear friends who hosted us so we were staying pretty much in our old neighborhood!   I went back to the Flying Horse and took a class taught by one of my fit mama friends – and I was sore for days!  I ran the 9 miler on my training schedule with the beanies.  It was great to see everyone again!  My virtual training buddy and partner in crime for the half in San Francisco came out for her long run and it was fun to chase her down the SFT again and run the hills of the Garden with her over the weekend.  I ran the last 9 miles of  a 17 -miler with two of the beanies who are running the NYC Marathon in November.  And our Pikes Peak Ascent and Triple crown super star friend came too with her sweet baby in his speedy stroller.   I was home.  And it felt like I had never left.

the pack was back on the SFT!

the pack was back on the SFT!

and in the Garden

and in the Garden

We finished the week in Fort Collins.  I really like the CSU campus and surrounding areas.  We took a few hours to hit a trail near the Horsetooth Falls with Daniel who was a bit perplexed at all the selfies that we took on the trail.  We settled him into his apartment, making many runs to the grocery store and Target.   It is hard to send your child off to college and although we should be used to it – it was a bit weird to leave him so far away.  But that is exactly what we did as parents do everywhere, everyday.

We are back in Seattle now.  The younger two are back in school.  I have resumed my role as head chauffeur.   Mark and I have a 12 miler this weekend and then the race for me in San Fran next weekend.   I plan to have fun. I feel good but not as fast as I once was .. which is really ok for me right now.   After this trip, we are going to Vegas – of course we will incorporate a little run with all the fun!

I am just realizing that this post reads like a grade school assignment – “that is what I did on my summer vacation.”  Indeed!


fun and games

by Keeprunningirl on 06/27/2014

I am back to blogging!   Over the last four months or so, my blog experienced some technical difficulties.  Since then, these issues have been resolved thanks to my web guru (brother-in-law).. #familyperks!

I’ve missed sharing my recipes (and accessing my previously posted ones) while my blog was down, and I plan to share some more soon.  Today, however I am going to quickly chronicle what I am calling the fun & games of the last few months.   I have shared most of these pictures on instagram and/or Facebook but  check out the moments from the last few months compliments of Flipagram.   From fun times in Hawaii including runs and crazy hiking, to rainy runs in Seattle to our very recent quick trip to Colorado, the Mods are still running and trying to have a good time along the way!

a trip to Kauai

selfies along the way

Living life in the Northwest

and just last weekend, a trip to Colorado #hometowntourists

Last week, we marked our first year anniversary as residents of Seattle. We have definitely tried to embrace our new environment and explore everything it has to offer. I (we) would be lying though if we said we don’t miss our home state of Colorado. Our eldest is transferring to Fort Collins to attend CSU in the fall… which is bittersweet as he will be far away but the bright side is – Mods will be visiting CO frequently! Here’s to the best of both worlds…

In the meantime, I am also marking the end of my year of not racing at all – looks like the fun & games need some focus now and I need to start training because yesterday, I found out that I got into the Nike’s Women’s 1/2 marathon with my good friend Mo – looking forward to the fall, and San Francisco!!

we're in!

we’re in!


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