fun and games

by Keeprunningirl on 06/27/2014

I am back to blogging!   Over the last four months or so, my blog experienced some technical difficulties.  Since then, these issues have been resolved thanks to my web guru (brother-in-law).. #familyperks!

I’ve missed sharing my recipes (and accessing my previously posted ones) while my blog was down, and I plan to share some more soon.  Today, however I am going to quickly chronicle what I am calling the fun & games of the last few months.   I have shared most of these pictures on instagram and/or Facebook but  check out the moments from the last few months compliments of Flipagram.   From fun times in Hawaii including runs and crazy hiking, to rainy runs in Seattle to our very recent quick trip to Colorado, the Mods are still running and trying to have a good time along the way!

a trip to Kauai

selfies along the way

Living life in the Northwest

and just last weekend, a trip to Colorado #hometowntourists

Last week, we marked our first year anniversary as residents of Seattle. We have definitely tried to embrace our new environment and explore everything it has to offer. I (we) would be lying though if we said we don’t miss our home state of Colorado. Our eldest is transferring to Fort Collins to attend CSU in the fall… which is bittersweet as he will be far away but the bright side is – Mods will be visiting CO frequently! Here’s to the best of both worlds…

In the meantime, I am also marking the end of my year of not racing at all – looks like the fun & games need some focus now and I need to start training because yesterday, I found out that I got into the Nike’s Women’s 1/2 marathon with my good friend Mo – looking forward to the fall, and San Francisco!!

we're in!

we’re in!


quinoa and kale

by Keeprunningirl on 03/05/2014

As we get ready for an escape from rainy Seattle to Hawaii, I wanted to use up some of the things in the refrigerator and came up with this easy but pretty delicious concoction. I always have quinoa in the pantry and I had a pack of field roast (a vegan grain meat) that was approaching expiration.  I also had a large red onion.   I took a quick trip to Whole Foods and added 4 bunches of dino kale, a red pepper, green pepper and some mushrooms to what I already had and created this quinoa and kale dish in a large wok.

1 red pepper chopped
1 green pepper chopped
1 large red onion chopped
2-4 cloves of garlic minced
4 bunches of dino kale, washed throughly and cut into bite size pieces
1 container of bella mushrooms
2 cups of quinoa soaked and rinsed
1 package of Field Roast Italian sausage links (optional)
a cup of veggie broth (or water)
2 tablespoons soy or tamari sauce
2 teaspoons paprika
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

What I did (directions):
- pepare the quinoa and set aside
- slice up the field roast and pan saute until it’s a bit crispy (cover and set aside)
- Cook the peppers, onion and garlic in the wok with a bit of veggie broth for about 1-2 minutes. Add the mushrooms.
- As the above is cooking, start adding the chopped kale by the handful, mixing in and adding more as it cooks down until it’s all in there.
- add quinoa
- add field roast
- stir and mix thoroughly

dish up into large bowls and enjoy!



Quinoa and Black Bean Tacos

February 26, 2014

Tweet I was scouring my blog for our favorite recipe to share for Community Fitness’s Foodie Friday feature when I realized it was buried in an old post (a Seattle related post from 2012 ironically).   At the time, I wrote that you can pretty much put anything in a taco shell and kids will eat it.  [...]

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never leave your running shoes at home

January 6, 2014

Tweet Ah January – the big long Monday of the year… with today being the most depressing day of the 360 or so left ahead of us (or so the media would lead us to believe).     Today is a good day for getting things in order and for a little reflection.  When I [...]

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Turkey Trotting in Seattle

December 8, 2013

Tweet We’ve always hosted Thanksgiving in Colorado… fun, festivities and every year, the Briargate YMCA Turkey Trot.   All of us would head over for the 5K before we started our cooking and feasting. In 2011…   last year…   and this year even though we are in a new place, we kept the tradition [...]

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Kamiak Butte Park and memory lane

October 16, 2013

Tweet Before we moved,  I wrote a nostalgic post about my very last incline.   At the time, I was tackling all of my  “one last time” items on my to do list… I was sad but also excited about the adventure that was to come. After our quick departure from Colorado Springs, it has been [...]

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8 miles at Greenlake, things I need and a recipe

September 15, 2013

Tweet rainy 8 miler @ Greenlake When you live in the Pacific Northwest, every drizzly, cool rainy day can’t be a fat pants (or indoor workout day) because then you would be indoors a LOT.   Not that I am complaining, the weather here in Seattle has been quite lovely overall and even most cloudy [...]

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Motivate myself… Tabata

August 23, 2013

Tweet Without my running partners and my fitness community at Flying Horse, I’ve had to really motive myself to keep running and to keep cross training.  The running part is a little easier – I can head out and explore and log miles but as the past has taught me, running alone doesn’t work for [...]

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Settling in Seattle

July 29, 2013

Tweet The Mods are in Seattle!  After a brief (yet surprisingly idyllic) stay in corporate housing in the northern suburbs, we are here! When we first moved out here, we lived in small townhouse provided to us by Microsoft for 30 days.   There wasn’t really much to do (we even had housekeeping!) and the kind people [...]

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colorado springs > seattle

June 24, 2013

Tweet In the days leading up to our planned final departure from Colorado Springs, there were many jokes about the Mod’s long goodbye.   From parties, to “one last” run on all my favorite trails, I was making the most of my long goodbye and so were my kids.   We ended up closing early on our [...]

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