a little setback, but back on track

by Keeprunningirl on 05/06/2012

About three weeks ago, I injured myself.  I’m not 100% sure what happened but the series of events are as follows:  went to a pretty intense strength class involving plyometrics, an easy run on the trail and a second easy run later that evening with my run club.  I am pretty certain I landed wrong in class during some tuck jumps… I felt a little twinge in my calf, achilles region but went ahead with easy run#1.   I came home, iced up the area and figured it would be okay.   However, once I stood up from sitting for awhile, I experienced a pain that was hard to ignore… I went ahead with the second run but immediately made an appointment with my active release doctor for the next day.    He said that the area was inflamed, specifically the Achilles and peroneal tendons:

pain in this region even walking

He initially suggested just taking a couple of days off before running again but after a few days, the pain was still there and it hurt just walking.  I would usually wake up without any pain but during the course of the day, the pain would build up.  I was particularly depressed the day we took our son to a college fair in Denver – as if attending a college fair for your first born doesn’t make you feel old enough, I was hobbling around on top of that!   The ART doc suggested a couple of weeks off, with permission to cross train.  He recommended walking in the pool or swimming to rehab the area.    Fortunately, I have access to a very nice pool so I followed all of his suggestions strictly.   I didn’t run, I spent hours on the elliptical and I hit the pool with my kick board.   I also made sure to get a deep tissue massage that really helped ease some of the pain and tightness.

To make long story short, I think (knock on wood) that I have averted a major injury by avoiding running through any pain and following the doctor’s orders.  This week is my first week back and I have completed several shorter runs and one long run.  The pain has diminished with each subsequent run.  I’m embracing my ice packs and foam roller but it looks like  I’m on the road (literally) to recovery.

I’ve also started taking swim lessons and hope to lose that kick board soon!

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