I am a trail runner

by Keeprunningirl on 06/16/2012

A friend of ours recently shared this timely and humorous article from Trail Runner Magazine: Trail Runners vs. Road Runners.  Among the comparisons, a few of our favorites included:

• Road runners show up in snazzy matching outfits and Nike track suits. Trail runners have been mistaken for homeless people.

• Road runners have pretty white tennies; trail runners have so much dirt and mud all over their shoes, you can’t tell what color they are.

• Road runners check for flat fast courses; trail runners look at elevation charts and the scenery.

• Road runners are lean and skinny; trail runners can crush a road runner with their calves and power up mountains with their glutes.

• Road marathons might have up to 40,000 runners, start with fireworks and end with bands and balloons; trail races start with, “Ready, Set . . . GO!”

• Road races are meticulously measured and certified; trail runs might be a few miles long, give or take a mile or two.

…and many more – great article!   (http://trailrunnermag.com/people/culture/article/379-trail-runners-vs-road-runners ,  June 13, 2012)

But the article reminded me of last summer, when Mark declared himself a trail runner with a note on facebook.     After a great 15 mile trail run on Barr Trail this morning with my trail running buddies and in the spirit of a great trail running summer to come,  I feel compelled to share it!  enjoy! :-)

I am a Trail Runner

By Mark Modisette

not your ordinary trail!

I like dirt.
I like the trees and wildlife, they keep me distracted from my lungs and heart.
I think that if I don’t come home bloody I didn’t try hard enough.
Rocks in my shoes don’t bother me.
I run in ridiculously cold weather (and ridiculously hot weather).
I would rather run in the snow than in windy conditions.
I bring more water than I need.
I usually have enough food with me to feed an army.
I can squat a house and run up the side of one too.
I like mountain biking but I feel guilty when I’m riding because I’m
not working hard enough.
I own, on average, more than 4 pairs of running shoes and I’m looking
for the next pair.
I own every hydration method known to man.
I love it when I tell people about a race or run and they say “that’s crazy”.
I’ll probably get leathery skin.
I’ll probably live forever (something about running Barr trail on the
lightly traveled sections that calms the soul)
I’m usually smell when I’m in Manitou Springs (but who isn’t?).
I carry Nuuns and FRS chews in my laptop bag and car.
I’ll pee almost anywhere (don’t judge)
I’ll always have Fritos if I’m going above tree line.
I run with nuts just like me.

I am a trail runner.

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