by Keeprunningirl on 08/07/2012

Someone recently played a Words with Friends word in a game with me that seems to sum up how I’m feeling at this moment: aarrgh.   It’s a sentiment I am familiar with but I didn’t realize it was an actual word!

I’ve been putting off blogging for almost a month – partly because my photos captions and frames aren’t working correctly and I can’t figure out why (aarrgh).   But the last few weeks have been full of adventure and many miles (albeit not great ones), so I’ll procrastinate no more!

Shortly after the devastating wildfires, our Epic team set out for a repeat adventure of running through our beautiful state.   We had another amazing trip but for me, the running sucked.

the members of van 1 posing at a vehicle exchange – what a great group, we had so much fun!

our team at the finish in Crested Butte

Mark is putting together of video of our Epic adventure which I will share as soon as it’s ready!

I’ve been running through shin pain for a couple of months now.   After patting myself on the back for taking time off when I had Achilles and peroneal tendon pain, I ignored the nagging shins in order to stay on track for Epic and Pikes Peak Ascent (PPA) training.   I had been able to somehow still get 40+ miles a week of mostly trail running until the final leg of Epic when I just couldn’t run anymore – I let Mark take the final 3 miles of that route (aarrgh).

When we got back, I finally broke down ended up scheduling an appointment with an orthopedist who took some x-rays of my shin which showed a healthy bone.  Based on these results, I was given a tentative green light to continue to train for the PPA.

shuffling along at Elk Park (above) and views from a run in Crested Butte (below)

So I’ve been shuffling along but x-rays aren’t always conclusive it seems so the doctor did order a follow up MRI (which I had today).   I will get the final results next week – just a few days before the PPA (aarrgh).

Training has been pretty painful – although not consistent.    Sometimes when I run the pain is nagging, sometimes it is excruciating.  What is consistent is my performance – I am running slow, my gait isn’t right, I have weird compensatory pains and I just don’t feel any power or push off when I run or  power-hike the steep sections of Barr Trail.

I am not dumb or naïve – I know I need some time off to get this healed.   I am still at the point where cross training is not very painful and every time I hit another training run, I fear that I might cross that line – but so far so good.

In the meantime, I have an internal debate going on – I would like to tackle that mountain one more time … race day is just so close and I am not planning on running Pikes Peak next year since I will have a graduating senior heading off to college.   But at the same time, I realize that it is not likely to be a great personal performance so I am struggling with whether or not it’s worth it.

For now, I am leaning toward one more, one last (at least for a while) PPA …  hopefully the MRI results will support that decision.

  • Hbehnken

    Sonal — My heart aches for you! I hope the MRI will give you clarity on your decision. Pulling for you my friend!


  • Sonal Modisette

    thanks so much girl! it is a pity party blog post – but you know how we runners get when we can’t run – aarrgh!  lol.  i know it will be fine eventually :-) .  

  • Joey

    Sonal, would you rather run this one race or run the rest of your life?  My hubs blew out his knee in college and ignored it until he needed open knee surgery (technology was not what it is today).  Five knee surgeries later (and counting), he can only run occasionally and not without pain.  Listen to your body and it will reward you with more and better runs in the future.  Good things come to those who wait (and heal). 

  • sonalmodisette

    i know you are right – thanks Joey.. Chris’s story is an eye opener. I will definitely listen to the doc’s advise and even if I do the race, it will be mostly walk/hike – but again, you are so right.. thus the internal debate.  the older I get, I just want to stay ok to keep active!  

  • Booty

    Another awesome adventure, just wish your running had felt better! Hoping the MRI doesn’t show anything and you can just take the rest you know you need after PPA!

  • sonalmodisette

    it was a great time regardless and we got to visit the edge this time ;-) .  thanks Booty – i had a really good day on the mtn today – amazing what you can do at the top when the top is all you do ;-)

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