a hard decision

by Keeprunningirl on 08/16/2012

I got my MRI results on Tuesday.

There is no discernable stress fracture (line) so I was diagnosed with a stress reaction – simply an impending stress fracture if I keep doing what I am doing.    I was given the option to complete the PPA – but was advised to stop if I feel any pain.    Bottom line: it might be ok or it might make things worse in terms of recovery time which at this point is 6 weeks of no running but cross training is ok.

In 6 weeks, I will get re-x-rayed and (I really hope) cleared to run again.

So the question for me was whether or not I should do one more PPA.    It has been a long few days and the short version is: after talking about it, debating it, listing mental pros and cons, getting a second (more cautionary) medical opinion and pretty much driving everyone around me crazy, I have decided to sit this year out.

Clearly I am not a competitive athlete, but I really wanted to be a part of it one more time… I spent my summer training for the mountain. I have put in the training, the miles, the countless hours on the trail, summit house pickles and hitching rides down with other runners… I did get to go on the journey even if I won’t make the destination this time.

A really dear friend of mine said something that means a lot to me and I think it’s true:

Race day is just a specific day on the calendar and should not define the athlete. The hours, weeks, and months are what define the athlete. You have fought a great fight with the rest of us and would have PRed before the stress fracture.

Like I said, I appreciate that thought and I helps me feel better about my decision.  I’m not going to lie, I am bummed and I have shed a few tears …and I might shed a few more before Saturday.  But the risk of being out longer or even worse, being out of any type of activity really scares me.

I am looking forward to being there for my husband and all my friends -who have trained so hard – when they cross that finish line!

  • Averagejoemoney

    I think you made the right decision. It’s tough being on the sideline, but there’s good news: your friends and husband will have a knowledgeable coach along the race helping them along!

  • sonalmodisette

    yes thank you – i need to set a good example as a coach! 

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