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by Keeprunningirl on 09/11/2012

I recently read a Runner’s World article describing the various stages that a runner goes through when dealing with an injury.   In Coping With Running Injuries: Good Grief, the author lists the stages:






I learned about these stages during training for the Road Runners Club of America coaching certification as well.  And during the entire presentation, every attendee was nodding in agreement … I am in good company, to some extent as runners; we have all been there!

With a little less than two weeks to go until my follow up appointment, I think I am experiencing bargaining and acceptance simultaneously.    Bargaining for me is cross training to stay sane and avoid depression … accepting the situation and trying to make the most of it.

Denial got me into this situation.  I had some anger, though it was mostly sadness when I decided to sit out the PPA.    I won’t lie – I still get jealous when I see people running in the sunshine as I drive to the gym.   But I am determined to stay out of depression… even if it’s a bit of a struggle sometimes.

I am cross training quite a bit.  Group fitness helps keep some of the camaraderie of group runs.    I have great running friends that have kept me company on non-running adventures.  We have ventured out on a mountain bikes,  hiked trails – I know how hard it must have been for them to hike with me instead of running.     I started Reformer Pilates, which has led to some pretty (good) sore post workout days.

I have diligently not run for over one month and I have seen progress.    I am coping and I am healing.  And I am hoping for an all clear in a couple of weeks but I know it will still be a slow return to running… but I am ready to start that journey as soon as I can.    In the meantime, I have come up with some strategies/workouts that help pass the time when knocking out calories on a machine in the gym.

My latest workout today that I tacked on after my normal elliptical time:  rowing machine.   I don’t think I have gotten this contraption since the early 1990′s but here’s a 300+ calorie, 30 minute, 5000 M workout that helped break up the monotony for me today:

I was already warmed up from a group class and elliptical/stair time so I dove right in:

5 minute moderate pace (and trying to figure out proper form/technique)

5 minutes rowing hard – watching the meters tick away

1 -2 minutes recovery


Like I said, after about 30 minutes, I had finished 5000 meters and burned over 300 extra calories.  Plus I got an upper body workout that the elliptical doesn’t provide.   I may have to add the row machine to my cross training program :-)

  • AverageJoe

    I hadn’t heard of these five stages, but they feel right on. I’ve been coping with a much more minor injury than yours (out for two weeks) and the depression and lethargy were hard to handle. Glad to read you’re getting in some good workouts in other areas!

  • Sonal Modisette

    It’s really hard.  hang in there.  Depression is hard to handle, trying to stay positive is hard but it’s the only way to stay sane!

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  • Alpana

    It’s good to have support! people that understand what you are going through- helps to stay positive when you’re depressed.  or it can be really annoying! ;0)

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