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by Keeprunningirl on 12/10/2012

My family is embarking on a new adventure.

Mark has accepted a position with a well-known tech company in Seattle, WA and we will be moving after the children complete the school year.    I am still wrapping my mind around the realities of this move – I am excited about the new adventure (we truly love Seattle)… and I am sad about leaving my beloved Colorado.   So it’s a bit bittersweet right now and a bit overwhelming!

new frontiers!

To make sure that I was overwhelmed enough ;-) , in between accepting the reality of this brand new adventure, getting the house ready for resale and getting ready for the holidays, I decided to go ahead and sign up for the Colorado Marathon.

This race is the one I that I ran in 2009, the one I had to let go of in 2011 due to injury… it’s my last chance after all, since after this year, I will be exploring new races in the Pacific Northwest.  :-)

Cougar Mountain, outside of Seattle

My only goal is to have fun training for the race with my running friends this winter/spring.  It’s really about the journey which I would like to complete without injury and finish this beautiful race one more time… without any time expectation.   I am looking forward to this one last Colorado running adventure before we move on to new races and experiences!

  • Kathleenoconnor11

    How exciting! Can’t wait to hear about your new adventures! 

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