11 miles and 110% play harder

by Keeprunningirl on 01/25/2013

11 miles

Today I completed my first double digit run (11 miles) since last summer – 6 months ago.   It was chilly, windy and I couldn’t feel my hands at all when I was done and I loved every mile of it!!  It feels so good to be back and to be working toward a goal. I ran with my good friend who is also training for the Fort Collins Marathon.

we spotted several Elk on the Air Force Academy @ mile 4  ish

last mile on the winding roads of the AFA before we hit the trail!

It was a beautiful run, a great day and I felt a sense of accomplishment on this marathon training journey… next up 12 miles…. the double digit days are back to stay!

110% Play Harder.

I recently discovered a great product to help me with recovery – specifically for my lower legs, which always seem to be prone to aches and injury.  110% Play Harder makes compression + ice products including the Overdrive Compression + Ice Kit which Mark gave to me for Christmas.   I have the product in black, size 2 and while the compression is not nearly as tight as my CEP socks, it works well with the ice and sleeve.

the compression sock

  The product lets you strategically place ice packs on target areas on top of the first compression sock and a compression sleeve slides over the ice.

the sleeve slips on over the ice pack

The kit comes with an insulated bag that you can take with you so that you can ice immediately after a run.    Also, once the ice is in place, you don’t have to sit still.  You can do whatever you need to post run – errands, cleaning (you know all the stuff that didn’t get done while you were out running) :-)

ice bag

I really love this product – it is easy and accessible and makes icing (with the added bonus of compression) so simple and convenient!


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    Running with thewind…..Great!*****

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