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by Keeprunningirl on 02/17/2013

Quick Marathon training update:  I went on a beautiful 15 mile run today with sunshine, warm temps and wonderful friends!    Meanwhile, Mark has had some running adventures of his own in Seattle.   Enjoy his post!

Doggin’ It  

By Mark Modisette

I’m not a hardcore runner – one who has been running since he was in diapers.  I’m not even a later-in-life serious runner… I’m sort of a weekend warrior, mid-life-crisis, whiner, bitcher and complainer runner.  If you asked me today why I run, I might bark, “because I want to live long enough to piss my kids off”  (add crotchety to my list).   That said – I do love a good run in the mountains when I’m in good shape and preferably when the weather is nice.

I recently moved to Seattle (forging ahead on the Mod Pacific NW adventure).  Incidentally, I’ve cultivated a new bearded look – hey, just tryin’ to fit in!

fitting in.. coffee and a beard

fitting in.. coffee and a beard

Back to running – I often make excuses.  I make excuses when to skip a run, when to run a specific trail, or when to run a certain distance…. I’m an “excuser”.  My recent move to Seattle has given me a ton of material to work on the excuse side.  Once the guilt gets to be too much, I will run or tackle a strength workout.  I have actually only logged about 20 miles of running over the past 2 months but I have biked 90 miles and stepped up the weights and rock climbing – getting it done on my terms.  In case you weren’t aware… it rains in Seattle.  I have (however) become a true Washingtonian… running and biking soaked to the bone.  I even dash to the gym in the rain  – no car here so all my activities involve footwork.   So this is my Seattle update… but I have a bit of  story to tell …

It’s a short story that I’ll tell in a long way.

I think I am experiencing some karma. My karma story and confession was just a story until today… a co-worker suggested after I told her about all my woes, that I am suffering from bad karma.  I did not take offense to the comment… just dawned on me that it might be true.  As part of the “Mod Move” we have put our house on the market (great home for sale in Colorado Springs)… as such, we had to make our home pet free.   We asked my wife’s sister to keep the dog until we could sell our house.   Our puppy is a tiny Yorkie/Bichon mix and officially designated as “needy” and as a breed “known to have separation anxiety”.  As Mod’s do all things well, our super “Mod” dog has super anxiety, which leads to constant barking … To be specific, we needed to find a solution to the barking issue when there were no humans around.  My dog was a barker in a small apartment, which led to a complaint – which led to a shitty solution – bark collar. We did not take this lightly, but we had exhausted all other options.

And shortly after we made this decision, I went on one of my few runs here in Seattle.  (enter: karma)

The running weather is ideal for people who hate running in extreme conditions (hot or cold).  The runs in Queen Anne are breath taking… old turn of the century charm and walk-able neighborhoods complete with city and waterfront views.

urban running

urban running

I was running my usual loop, finishing up a great 5 miler and negotiating a path ahead on a beautiful Saturday morning.  We all do this… we see what’s ahead, and decide the correct running path.  As I was approaching a few people on the sidewalk: an older man and a boy in his early 20s with his pit bull, I thought why is this guy with dog taking a “path” that leaves me such a small area to get by?

Just as I thought this – BAM! – the pit bull jumped up and bit me!  I’m a pretty calm person – but this incident unleashed a series of foul language that would make any inner city, doofus, hipster with a pit bull blush.  The boy with the dog stopped after the “attack” and acted like he would hit or beat the dog – I stopped him and said, “this may be why the dog bites”.  Maybe the kid did beat the dog or maybe it was my beard… but I think it was the karma.


bit me, ruined my shorts!

It is hard to believe that after 7 years of running – this is my first encounter with a dog.   And it’s hard to believe that after 7 years of running the trails of Colorado, encountering all kinds of wildlife from coyotes to snakes and even a bear, it was a dog that got me!  Anyway – I moved on and later that day went to an “emergi-care” to get a tetanus shot.  The bite wasn’t a puncture type bite it was an abrasion and bruise – but it hurt and it did get my attention.

  • CyclinMissy

    So glad you’re OK after the bite!  Heal fast.  I have been running for almost 20 years, and I’ve been chased or startled by dogs but never bitten while running (so far – knock on wood).  Sorry you had to experience that!

  • Nitin

    This has been hapen to many people when they were running they were attacked or chase by dogs.some are badly injured.But thanks to god you are ok.Good Luckand go on.

  • Mark Modisette

     Thanks CyclinMissy – I’m good!  Happy trails…

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