My sister said I should start a blog so here I am. I am a 39 year old mom of three marvelous children. I was freed of my job last year and joined the ranks of the unemployed. I moved from a corporate job to a calmer life. I am enjoying my kids, spending more time in their schools and at their activities. Making more home cooked meals and even baking. And I also started spending more time at the gym.

Then I started running. I ran some 5 and 10Ks, I ran a half marathon and in May, I ran my first marathon. It occurred to me that I would enjoy a new career in fitness and to that end, I have acquired some materials to study for American Council on Exercise (ACE) exam. One day, I will crack open these books and actually study and pass this exam. In the meantime, when friends and family ask me for fitness or nutrition advise, I answer based on my experiences with the caveat that I am no pro. I am just a girl enjoying a new path in my life’s journey with a few simple goals: have fun, try new things and keep running.

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  1. Cool blog! A quick tip: If you track your runs with a GPS phone, you get a full training log that is updated automatically – and your fans can follow you in real time. Don’t know if that would be interesting for you – it’s called http://www.endomondo.com. You can import runs from Garmin as well.
    I’m co-founder and we would love to have more women join us. Check out our New Year’s Resolution Challenge here: http://www.endomondo.com/challenges/id/36324

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