Girl on Fire!-Running Girls

Every girl can relate to this title? Do you live in America? Are you single? Beautiful or ugly? Married? Divorced? Single mother? Business owner? Employee? Entry level or Sinior ? Voter or “running” for office? Are we all running? Do you spot yourself as a “running girl”?

The American Dream

Getting to be born in the heart of the “Melting Pot” Murica is something the whole world consider a blessing! Yes, They think all Americans are first class citizens, enjoying their expedition trips to Asian and African resorts, shopping the high-end stores, and never worried about their bank accounts. Now I imagine a fb post “Reality vs. Imagination” of wealthy Leo in “the wolf of wall street” and miserable him in “Titanic” popping-up! Living in America is not heaven for women! I can prove it!

Poor Lindsay Lohan

A teenager girl enjoys a lot of freedom! Indeed! It’s not a myth but you always have to pay something. A middle-class American girl, considered the majority, is supposed to finish her high school and encouraged to join college. Great! Didn’t finish yet. Teenage hood is a big trap; it doesn’t just leave you with zits on your face. A young girl in America might have some deeper scars cause f many insecurities she has to face. I know for all of us it has become normal or accepted, but let’s think of it as parents! Would you really like it when your little dear girl has to deal with safe sex, and break-up issues at the age of 14?! Are you happy about the very explicit content she gets to see on TV?

Running GirlsFreedom..ha?? Not to mention that girls, scientifically proven, are always more stressed at schools because they are the over-achievers and exceed boys studying and earning levels! That’s a teenager girl in America! Are we listening to our girls? Do we provide them with the supporting family? Go girl go! Keep running girl!

I’m not Hillary Clinton Though!

Girls never disappoint us. She’s not a kid anymore now! Our young lady who already paid for the whole society is still willing to give more? The little boy who fooled her in her high school is back to further seduce! After a long rally competing with ugly hard-headed conservatives, and as of the sixties, Women could legally get out for men jobs! But why do women work? Driven by her ambitions and working on her self-made career…not always! I hate to refer or speak that formal way but we have to read this piece of statistics posted on Wikipedia. Again I hate to judge, but where has gone the little boy? So he was just back for a while, for more seduction, and that’s it. Many women have to support their broken family on their own! To put it straight forward, she will almost have to co-residence with her parents, take care of her kids, suffer heart-aching loneliness, work long hours…! She will keep running…!

Be The Girl on Fire!

From the colonial eras, when women were locked at homes, deprived of their rights of owning properties, deprived of equal education opportunities, captured during men ugly wars, used as slaves for the richest, and finally left out with fatherless babies, how far have we reached? It’s a shame our new bible, our constitution, couldn’t set women free. It’s a shame a liberal society is the same as a conservative retarded one! Shall we hope Hillary’s era will be the promising era women have always longed for? I’d say No! If the society is deafening its ears, women should stop screaming and start acting instead. Stop sacrificing and start living. Life is not all about what we give. It’s what we decide, what we live, what we achieve, what we own, what we earn, what we love, and what we give, altogether. Slow down. Unplug. Wind down. Enjoy your life!…

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